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Unstable Unicorns Player Rules

So you got your hands on Unstable Unicorns! It raised a cool $1.8 Million USD on Kickstarter which mean’s only one thing, that this game is amazing! Unlike Exploding Kittens, Unstable Unicorns can be played again and again. How the hell do you play Unstable Unicorns? Unfortunately there are no University’s offering an undergraduate degree in Unstable Unicorns.

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We play Unstable Unicorns as below; but if there’s something we are doing wrong, please let us know!

If you are ready to destroy your friendships and brag about your victory to your friends, keep reading.

The objective of the game is simple. Collect as many unicorns as you can and you’ll be victorious; with your friends bowing down to you as the Unstable Unicorns Champion.

First Things First

After opening your Unstable Unicorns, you should have a set of White Backed Cards, a set of Black Backed Cards, and some reference cards.

Opening Unstable Unicorns Box

Get the White Backed Cards, give them a good shuffle because Lord knows there is a cheater amongst you. Give each player one of these Baby Unicorn Cards and place the remainder facing down in the middle. This will be known as the Nursery.

Baby Unicorn Cards

Get the Black Backed Cards and as before, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle them. Make sure you have taken out all of the player reference cards out. Once these have been dealt, the remainder will be known as the Draw Pile.

Unstable Unicorns 2 Player Specific Rules

If you are playing with 2 people, take out two Neigh Card and place one in each players stable. Please also remove the following cards, they will not be used in the 2 Player Version of Unstable Unicorns.

Neigh Cards

All Basic Unicorns, including Narwhal
Extra Tail
Queen Bee Unicorn
Rainbow Mane
Rainbow Unicorn
Extremely Fertile Unicorn
Nanny Cam
Sadistic Ritual
Slow Down
Glitter Bomb
Autoerotic Asphyxiation (if playing with the NSFW expansion)
Any expansion cards that reference Basic Unicorns

2-6 Player Specific Rules

For those of you playing with more than 2 people, having shuffled the black backed Unstable Unicorn cards, give each player 5 cards with the rest forming the Draw Pile. This will sit next to the Nursery, again with the cards facing down.

Unstable Unicorns Set Up

Give each player a reference card so they can’t complain how they forgot!

Unstable Unicorns Player Reference Cards

The person wearing the most colourful clothes goes first and turns go clockwise around the table.

Your Turn – Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns is played in rounds. Each turn is made up for four phases.

1) Beginning of Your Turn

If any of your card says, ‘at the beginning of your turn’, do this now! If you don’t and rush to draw a card from the draw pile, you miss your opportunity and cannot go back, however much you cry.

2) Draw Phase

Draw a card from the draw pile. Easy Peasy!

3) Action Phase

Play one card from your hand or draw one more card from the Draw Pile.

4) End of Your Turn

Make sure you don’t have more than the hand limit of 7 draw cards. Any additional cards will go to the Discard Pile.

Keep playing until someone wins. To win, you need to achieve the most Unicorns in your stable. For those of you playing with 2-5 players, you need 7 Unicorns to win, those playing with 6-8 players, you need to achieve 6 Unicorns in your stable.

Card Types in Unstable Unicorns

There are 7 different card types in Unstable Unicorns:

Instant: Can be played at any time and usually stops someone from playing a card. Once played, this cards goes into the Discard Pile.

Upgrade: Upgrade your stable. You can apply this card to anyone including yourself.

Downgrade: Use this card to give someone a negative effect.

Magic: Play this card on your own terms to create Mayhem. Once played, this card goes into the Discard Pile.

Magical Unicorn: Place this card in your Stable for magic!

Basic Unicorn: Place this card in your Stable.

Baby Unicorn: Each player starts with a Baby Unicorn. You can only summon more by using special cards.

Hopefully now you have learnt how to play Unstable Unicorns, you can put Cards against Humanity on the shelf for now, because Unstable Unicorns has a ton of expansion packs from NSFW to Apocalypse. NSFW is best played when you have your crush with you or tons of Alcohol. Your choice!

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