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Play Fortnite Monopoly by Hasbro

Fortnite is one of the biggest games of 2018 played by adults and children alike, available on major gaming consoles such as Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, P.C. to Android and iOS devices. It also featured in YouTube Rewind 2018.

Fortnite Monopoly in stock

Monopoly Fortnite from Hasbro is the perfect family game to play together.

We have limited quantity of Monopoly Fortnite from Hasbro available for immediate dispatch. All orders are dispatched via Royal Mail from our U.K. based warehouse. Make sure you order before our Christmas delivery cut-off to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.

Monopoly Fortnite is restricted to one per customer. We reserve the right to cancel any orders we suspect of bypassing our 1 per customer policy.

How to play Fortnite Monopoly

Monopoly Fortnite is based off Fortnite so you’ll need to claim locations such as Tilted Towers, Snobby Shores, etc. all named after locations in the Fortnite game whilst battling opponents and avoiding the storm. Can you be the last person standing and be victorious?

Start the game by gathering 2 to 7 players to compete against. Choose your outfit from a choice of 27 outfits. Now it’s time to go to battle. When it’s your turn, roll the movement and action dice. Make your moves accordingly. Bandages will give you Health Points (HP). Cross Hairs will let you shoot a player on the same side of the board as you and inflict 1 damage. Wall lets you place a wall on your space protecting you from shots. Boogie Bomb means all the players lose a life.

Make sure you don’t land on a space in the storm as you’ll lose 2 lives.

Health Points (HP) replaces traditional monopoly money so if you run out of HP, you automatically lose.

Fortnite Monopoly Contents

Each Monopoly Fortnite game includes the following:

  • Gameboard
  • 27 x Cardboard outfits with pawn stands
  • 15 x Storm cards
  • 16 x Location cards
  • 16 x Loot chest cards
  • 8 x Wall cards
  • 1 x Numbered dice
  • 1 x Action dice with labels
  • 110 x Health Point Chips


Ages: 13+

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