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Beat the Traffic with the Max 2 Electric Skateboard

Electric Skateboards are increasing in popularity in London helping you beat the congestion zone, extortionate parking prices and the infamous London traffic. Getting to and from work, gym or cafes has become much easier.

If you are looking for an Electric Skateboard that is the complete product, you can’t go wrong with The MaxFind Max 2. It can reach up to 24 MPH and has a range of around 17 Miles. Please bear in mind these are estimates and actual figures vary based on the rider’s weight and riding style.

Why the Max 2?

The Max 2 is superior than other boards which cost a lot more for a lot less. Before you buy an Electric Skateboard, you should be confident with what you are looking for. If you are unsure, consider what you’ll use it for. Most people use their Electric Skateboards for travelling to the shops or work. If you are looking for one for a bit of fun in the park, you may want to choose one with a lower maximum speed and range thus saving money.

The Max 2 looks like an ordinary skateboard, the battery and mainboard are incorporated within its main body. From a glance you wouldn’t be able to tell that this is a electric skateboard.

The Max 2 is far from ordinary

The Max 2‘s deck surface is made from a combination of PVC & PEA creating a brand-new rubber surface that is both non-slip and scratch resistant. The Max 2 is powered by 2 x 500W Motors which have been modified to improve reliability, delivering a total of 1000W to the Max 2. Powering the motors is an LG 4.4Ah battery which protects against over-current and over-charge. It takes just 2 hours for a full re-charge.

MaxFind Max 2's deck is non-slip and scratch resistant

The Remote Control

Like most other electric skateboards, The Max 2 is controlled by a sleek remote control, similar to the Nintendo Nunchuk. It’s comfortable to hold for long periods of time and features a joystick and buttons to control the Maxfind Max 2. It also includes a Cruise Control feature, so you don’t have to constantly hold a button as you ride.

Max 2 Electric Skateboard Remote Control


The Max 2 was never intended to replace your current mode of transport, it was designed to complement, which is why it only weighs around 6KG. It’s used for what the transportation industry calls the “last mile”. You can easily take it on the tube or pop it in your boot. The way you use your Max 2 depends on you. You could ride into work and charge it whilst you’re there and then ride it home.

The Law in the UK is not clear, you definitely should not be riding on the pavements and ride in accordance with relevant Legislation. Please don’t forget to ride responsibly, wearing the appropriate safety equipment.

Take advantage of our 1 Year comprehensive warranty when you buy The MaxFind Max 2 from Lymyted. All repairs are undertaken in the UK.